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March 5, 2023 Morning Re

Love's Travel Stop

Toomsuba, Mississippi

March 5, 2023

I started this post in Toomsuba but due to poor cell service, I'm finishing it in Brooksville. Or as it's pronounced down here, Booksvual.

Yesterday I drove A LOT to catch up for my layover in Jefferson, Texas. I also saw a lot (photos later) Hero, Zero, Chuncky, Whynot (including the activity at the Whynot Raceway)

Morning came early this morning with an earlier sunrise and cool temperatures. I wish I could find some way to walk up and pop out of my rack. That's just not me.

Today's goal is to visits Muscle Shoals and make progress toward, Paris Hollow, Georgia. I'll lose an hour getting into Georgia so maybe I'll stay in Alabama tonight.

I came up with this Q&A from yesterday:

How do you know you’re in Texas?

Lots of extended length SUVs, mostly white. And cowboy hats and boots.

How do you know you’re in Louisiana?

You start seeing Blacks and the topography starts to look like South Carolina.

How do you know you’re in Mississippi?

More Blacks, poorer towns and pine trees with a lot of underbrush. Lots of small churches?

What city has most churches per capita?

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