March 5th Sunset At El Capitan State Beach

I walked the northern end of the park and picked a spot to wait for sunset. As is obvious, the sunsets here are limited to a specific area around the sun as opposed to the “full sky” sunsets I saw in Texas.

It is Saturday morning (3/06); a bit of Groundhog Day. It started off sunny but cool with a bit of gusty wind. The wind has died down and the sun is getting stronger (like me!). Writing some letters, planks, walk, stretch back, sit in my perch overlooking the ocean. If you ever come to this campground, spot B34 is the one. I’ve been told several times that I have the prime spot. And I realize how lucky I am. Because this is the first month this park is open (due to Covid restrictions), it is first come — no reservations. People have told me this park is booked months in advance. I certainly am enjoying my luck.

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