May 29, 2021

Ocean Cove, California

May 30, 2021

Saturday 430 pm. Sunny and darn windy. Funny I feel as though the wind is tiring.

This campground is quite the place. Most campsites have at least two vehicles at them. Diverse makeup of cultures - I’ve heard Japanese, Spanish, French and English. Lots of kids riding electric scooter and smaller ones throwing baseball and playing soccer. Mucho 12 packs of beer along with cornhole and horseshoes.

Thank goodness the portajohns are cleaned every morning.

I’ll hazard a guess that there are 1,000 people over 12 years old here. I have seen one mask (me). Given what I have read that means a reasonable guess is 300 people here have not been vaccinated. I’ll put my thumb on that scale and say it’s closer to 400. It’s so darn windy there’s not much to worry about though … I guess.

One unusual thing about this campground is that people seem to mill around their campsites. There is the occasional cyclist and some people fishing (almost wrote fishermen!) but for the most part the picnic tables and camp chairs stay busy all day. I’m used the campgrounds where people go off and do things during the day.

I was thinking about Memorial Day Weekends of my past. Unlike when I was a kid and summer vacation started before Memorial Day, my kids were in school until the middle of June. There were a couple of times we went to a camp on the Chesapeake. After that Lucian always had baseball tournaments this weekend. And for a long time it’s been the Final Four of college lacrosse. UVa defeated Carolina today and will face the Twerps on Monday for the national championship. My joy in watching lacrosse continues to grow especially with the tutorials I have received from Coach Harris.

Today feels like Sunday — I guess because the weekend got started here on Thursday. It’s now about 5 pm on Saturday. On a regular weekend back in the day, Saturday at 5 pm represented the most relaxed time of the weekend for me. Chores and errands had been done (sorry for the passive voice) and I remember viewing 5 pm as “calm time.” Great time to play golf or go to the gym. Saturday at 5 pm was also when Steve “Mr, Beach” Leonard would host his Saturday Night Breach Music Show on WFLO in Farmville.

I am surprised they still allow campfires here. It’s bone dry and the strong wind could easily carry embers to a uninhabited area. Oh well. I haven’t done a campfire yet for that very reason — it’s not worth the risk that I might fall asleep while the fire is still going. Another way I manage my carbon footprint! 😁

There’s an older Golden across the way..He/she has a white face. All the dogs I’ve seen here have those halter setup along with their collars. A revolution I was not aware of until recently. This fellow/girl wags her tail whenever anyone walks by.

I’m not used to seeing people wearing down coats at the end of May. It’s the wind.

It is still crazy to me how blue the water looks here. No sand and deep water.

I finally got wise and used my hard foam roller on my hip trigger point. More precisely it is where the two glute muscles that are not the maximus come together. Pain never was so relaxing; I could feel the trigger point release. Ahhhh.

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