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May 6, 2020

I'm a big fan of Michael Lewis. From Moneyball to Liar's Poker to The Blind Side to Flash Boys, The Fifth Risk and the Undoing Project. He also wrote a small book called Coach which is another favorite of mine. I was lucky enough to see John Grisham interview Lewis at the Paramount in Charlottesville. Lewis is a chatty Cathy, and Grisham was masterful how he managed Lewis' gregariousness. I am sure if I ever met Lewis, he would exhaust my introvert. 😂

Lewis' second season of his podcast is available now. Whereas last year he focused on "referees," this season he is focused on "coaches." I used quotation marks because he interprets those words very loosely.

He is not as good an interviewer as he is a writer, but he is good. The podcasts are both fun and educational. Highly recommended.

Here's a link:


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