Miss You -- Warning: Contains Vulnerability


March 1, 2021

As Bill and Ted might say, my walkabout is an excellent adventure. I am seeing people, places and things that I have never seen and doing that at my pace. If I want to stay someplace for four days and three nights, that's what I do. Some call that freedom. I call it realizing that I get to choose (see post on that topic) and that no one is going to judge me for what I choose (not addressed yet but I have a problem feeling I'm being judged. Bring in the couch.)

In case you have wondered, yes, I do get lonely. Perhaps one of my answers is that while I am an introvert, I am my better self when I am sharing experiences with friends. (It's ok if you cringe and say "you said your better self???). Maybe that explains why I have posted over 1,300 posts in approximately 18 months. I also realize that I would likely drive even my closest friends crazy with the way I go about things -- stopping to take photos, making slow "progress," eating two meals a day, listening to a radio station from Myrtle Beach while in the west.... (That's four dots.)

Some have suggested I get a dog. I love dogs -- and it seems they like me -- but driving around in a SUV wouldn't be fair to my dog. Perhaps one day I will get another one. Until then, Jeff and Courtney, keep sending photos of Ginny, Clarke and Daisy.

I'm not sharing this fact for you to feel sorry for me. I don't feel sorry for me. I never dreamed about this trip until one day three years ago when I was talking with my friend Andre in his office. Andre has wanderlust and has traveled all over the world. I'm pretty sure it was my System 1 that came up with the idea for a walkabout as I talked to him. I have no regrets -- about my walkabout. My loneliness -- which is not continuous or continual -- is the price I pay for this adventure. I feel different. Those differences may be below the waterline but they are there -- hopefully for good. Anchors up -- and jump right in!

One more thing. I am sharing writing this post because hopefully it adds color to this blog. I chose to do a blog instead of Instagram or Facebook because I thought this would be the best way for me to document everything about this trip -- not just the highs, but also the lows. Photos but also words.

Babble, babble. Hope you are having a great day!

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