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Mister Moon

Sedona, Arizona

January 28, 2021

Moonrise yesterday was at 4:51 pm here in Sedona. I started taking these photos a bit after 5 pm. I was at a location where I could get fun photos of the red rocks being illuminated by the setting sun so getting these "moon shots" was an unexpected bonus. Almost everyone taking photos at my location was focused on the rocks -- I felt like saying "Hey, look to your left" but figured if they had the kind of equipment they had (Sonys, Canons and Nikons with expensive lenses) they knew -- or should have known -- about the moon rise.

Thank Goodness for "vibration reduction" on my Nikon lenses because I did not have my tripod with me -- I shot all of these handholding the camera. I shot some with an 18-300 mm, f4.8 lens, but as it grew darker I switched to my "beast" - a Nikon 70-200 mm, f2.8 lens.

Full moon is tonight but the forecast is for cloudy skies. I'm going to be ready with my tripod just in case. There should be enough light at moonrise (roughly 5:45 pm) that I can capture some landscape beneath the moon. Fingers crossed.

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