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Moab, Utah To Golden, Colorado

Golden, Colorado

December 1, 2020

Yesterday was my penultimate leg of my journey to Boulder, Colorado. Instead of taking the 10 hour non- interstate route, I chose to bend my rules and too Interstate 70. I don’t know about you but the suggested driving times on Google Maps lead me astray. There is no way I can drive more than three hours without a stretch stop.

The road was certainly busier than when I drove it in March on my way back to Virginia. And the Colorado part amazed me as much yesterday as it did in March. Between the mountains and the engineering, the drive from Grand Junction to Denver is pretty spectacular.

Not many photos/videos as I was just intent on getting to Golden for the night. But I did take a few that I hope you enjoy. Note that shooting photos and videos through the windshield is not optimal -- I think because of the polarizing effect -- but better than nothing, right?

In Moab.

Entering Colorado from Utah.

Named for my nephew.

The drive along I-70 in Colorado is a highlight reel of spectacular scenery. The videos are short clips.

Google Maps really helped me from here on in. There was construction on I-70 and Maps steered me around much of it.

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