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Charlottesville, Virginia

June 26, 2020

Thanks to my friend Chuck for sending me this inspirational quote.

It is a deep one. My takeaway? Be careful of those ideals and criteria that are in your head - because they may reflect your goals. Perhaps they are someone else's that you thought you SHOULD aspire to? A better approach is to jump right in and live life. Be curious, take some chances. Life is meant to be experienced, not planned.

Who is this C. JoyBell C.? From Amazon, I learned:

C. JoyBell C. is the most frequently quoted author on Goodreads, is a leading female thinker and writer in our world today, and is a mentor to many modern-day leaders, as well as an inspirational figure to people from all walks of life. She has transformed the face of what it means to be wise and knowledgable, giving life to a new image of the modern-day Renaissance woman. She is at the same time both timeless and youthful. The author of various books on soul alchemy, esoterica, poetry, philosophy of mind, parenting and fiction; she remains accessible to her readers and in touch with her fans.

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