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Sunset, October 22

Gunnison, Colorado

October 23, 2020

The town has a neat vibe. It’s got Crested Butte 25 miles away so it has a bit of a ski town feel to it. There is also a college (Western Colorado University) in town so it has a bit of a college-town feel. The restaurants mostly seem to cater to American food, but I found a funky organic food store that had an awesome salad with pieces of salmon. Vinaigrette dressing - yum. There is a neat old time sporting goods store that is mostly for fisherpeople but it had everything - including an orange fleece vest for $19. Not that I need it but I’m sure it will come in handy. Right?

Gunnison likes frisbee golf.

Tonight (last night) I’m camping for free in a national forest

Some clouds moved in just before sunset - added some flair.


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