Morning Conditions At Westport, California

Westport, California

(actually just north at Abalone Campground)

June 2, 2021

Woke up this morning to thicker fog than yesterday.

For the record, I attempt to take the screen shot of the weather and the photo of the odometer first thing in the morning.

I headed back the two miles into Westport this morning to go to its convenience market. Inconveniently it must not open until 9 am — I was there at 8 am. The trip wasn’t a waste though as I took the following photo:

It is now almost 11 am and I am in Garberville, California. It is located I’m guessing 20-25 miles inland from the coast. You can see from the following shot from my weather app how different the weather is here. It may be 75 degrees but it feels like 85 degrees. It is dusty and dry.

Came off of US 101 to use the wifi at the Garberville library. It’s temporarily closed. Bummer.

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