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Murphy, North Carolina

Lunch From Riverside N Chips

Nehalem, Oregon

July 17, 2021

While doing laundry this morning I met a couple from Murphy, North Carolina (their license plate gave me the idea to open my mouth). They are a month on the road having helped their daughter move to Tucson. He is an engineer and he proudly showed me the features he had built into their Ford (?) Sprinter van , including a battery pack that runs a refrigerator, microwave and a fan — it charges from the engine.

Their journey from Tucson to ManzAnita was different than mine - they came up the eastern side of California (Death Vslley, etc) and cut over to the coast at Lake Tahoe. They also seem to cover more ground than I do - came to the coast from Mt. Hood in one shot. The biggest difference between our approaches is they only spend one night in a place — putting the “sprint” in Sprinter compared to my glacial pace.

I continue to learn the benefits of being a listener.

By the way, he was a doppelgänger of my friend Steve.

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Jul 17, 2021

Can't believe it. Where's the photo?

Jul 17, 2021
Replying to

You are going to have to believe me. Have faith in a brother. 🤪

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