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Umpqua State Park

June 24, 2021

Today’s plan of playing golf in Reedsport and then heading toward Paris, Oregon was interrupted by a lighthouse and a campsite vacancy in the Umpqua State Park. I may have only covered 22 miles, but what a day!

Before I left Coos Bay, I got some more photos, primarily at its railway museum (Which is closed until July 4th put i shot through the fence.). I also went back Wild Coast Running and purchased shoe inserts (awesome) and another t shirt (also awesome). Oh, and I washed and vacuumed Hi Ho Silver.

Leaving Coos Bay — or maybe I was in North Bend — I saw this casino. I am accustom to seeing the Native American casinos in remote areas. In Oregon — and this was true in parts of California — they are located inside the city limit (or what I assume is inside the city limit). My observation (I’m not judging) is that these smaller casinos cater to low stakes gamblers who may not have the means to gamble. I certainly saw that in Mississippi along the Gulf Coast). I guess it is part of the “opening my eyes” part of my walkabout.

I get a kick out of these arched signs.

I assume this body of water is called Coos Bay. In the distance on the left you can see the “Bay Bridge.” I navigated it without anxiety — not as long and high as the Annapolis Bat Bridge. Plus it’s structure surrounds you which provides me a level of comfort.

Inbound plane from SFO likely full of golfers going to Bandon Dunes which is approximately 30 minutes from the airport. United also has seasonal service from Denver to North Bend. Again, I suspect most of those passengers are headed to Bandon Dunes.

Fun to see how winglets result in contrails (I assume that is what is causing the ”white” lines that may or may not be called contrails).

The Umpqua Lighthouse.

Layout of the Umpqua State Park campground. One of the nicest state park campgrounds I have stayed at on my trip. Spotless, lovely landscaping, terrifically clean restrooms and showers. Plus the have basic Yurts and deluxe Yurts. My tent site cost $19 for the night. Six stars!

One of the basic Yurts. Not bad for $43 per night.

I am wondering if I could live in a Yurt. 😁😁🤙

My campsite Green trees (Douglas Fir) and blue sky — no extra charge.

Douglas Fir. More on them in a separate post.

I rode my bike to this lake (it wasn’t far but the hills were a challenge).

The lighthouse around 5 pm.

Some folks put their slippers by their bed.

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