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“Never Been Across the Bridge”

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Good morning from a rainy Shawnee State Park in Ohio. 😁

I attribute the following story to my great friends, Anna and Jack Koester.

One winter evening when returning to Charlottesville from Kansas City, while driving through West Virginia , Anna and Jack came across a traffic backup due to a snowstorm. Seeing an exit off the highway just before a long bridge, they took it and stopped in a restaurant in sight of the bridge to gather themselves and figure out their next move. Having not seen any signs for motels, they asked their waitress for recommendations. “Nope, not on this side of the bridge,” was her listless response.

“How about across the bridge?” asked Jack.

”I couldn’t tell you. Never been across the bridge.”

Imagine living your life a stone’s throw from a bridge but never having been across it. Hard to believe?

Not for me. I’ve lived near that bridge and never crossed it. But about five years ago, I began to start a (very ,very) slow walk toward the bridge. My walkabout represents my finally crossing that bridge. And from what I can see so far there a lot of new experiences for me to have.

So what does today’s photo have to do with this idea (other than Ginny is a great friend of mine)? It means I couldn’t have opened my eyes to new adventures without your friendship. Whether we’ve been friends for 40+ years or less than a year, you’ve played an important role in helping me break free of the mental and emotional constraints I had imposed on myself.

Thank you for your friendship! 😁

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