New Mexican Humor, A Return To Hatch And More

Radium Springs, New Mexico

March 4, 2020

Haha! The picture sequence starts with the top photo. Congested area? There’s nothing there!!

I returned to Hatch today thinking that Spanky’s World Famous Restaurant would be open - it is only open Thursday through Sunday. Bummer. While I was there I took some better photos as the sun is out today.

I had an El Camino sighting at the gas station. Stu, I preferred your green color. 🤪

Yes, they have peppers in Hatch.

Driving back to the state park, I took this photo. If you look hard, you will see snow on the mountains in the background. The park ranger (as seen below - remember his name?) says those mountains got 24 inches of snow last night (we got rain at 4000 feet).

And finally, during my drive the following song came on the radio. Since it is now stuck in my head, I figured I would share it with you. Remember 1976?

Since the Sylvers are using the CIA's private phone, I thought I should include Travares’ "Whodunit.”

Everybody on the dance floor and prep step!

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