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Newport, Oregon To Aurora, Oregon With A Stop In Happy Camp, Oregon!!

Portland, Oregon

July 12, 2021

The development along the Oregon Coast increased north of Newport. As I drove along US 101, the towns came quicker and the number of houses increased. Lincoln City was a full blown beach town/city. Beach towns are beach towns — can you only make taffy at the beach? And what about fudge? And all the tacky nick nack shops. How do they survive? I guess I am shoeing one of my many buses — what is tacky to me is a treasure to someone else. I’m still getting my biases straightened out

And there was more traffic on the road. I’m guessing it is that areas proximity to Salem snd Portland.

The temperature was in the low 60s yesterday which felt nice. However, close to the beach the wind was strong and cooled things down considerably.

I took an alternative to US 101 to drive to Pacific City, Netarts and Oceanside. There was a development in Netarts named … Happy Camp!! I am pretty sure I LOLed when I saw that. Neat part of the world over there.

Took a bit over two hours to get to Portland from Oceanside. Forests snd then farm land. Even 29 miles from Portland I didn’t know I was approaching a major city.

I have been to Lake Oswego (a suburb of Portland). I bought a geothermal power plant from a company based there. That was my first acquisition as the lead person. We got a heck if a deal snd made Ogden a pile of cash.

It is comforting knowing I am driving with new brakes.

Sorry for all the photos of the Sequoia in the foreground looking down on a beach. I was coming down a mountain encased in fog and saw that expanse of beach and water. I tried hard to capture the sight as best as I could. One of the more dramatic scenes I have seen. I think that area was called “Anderson’s View.” I know Anderson was the first word!

It is Monday morning in Portland. I am in a suburb of Tualatin. Pretty community with parking lots with trees - like a planned community. I am in the comfort of the area with the Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Whole Foods and REI. I of course picked up some organizing supplies at the Container Store. I still have too much stuff with me but darn it, it is going to be organized. This morning‘s box will now contain my toiletries.

At 11 am, it is 72 degrees with Colorado blue skies.

Seamus (pronounced SHAY-mus), Tge Club maker, is close by in Beaverton. But no store and the last thing I need is another headcover.

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Jul 15, 2021

Went to high school with Steve Bassett. He was in the Key Club when my brother was president of it. He said the first place he played an organ was in our house. Mom said he played it like the piano, which, of course, he was adept at.... Worked with Steve nearly ten years after that -- shortly after "Sweet Virginia Breeze" -- when he did some benefits for The march of Dimes....

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