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“No Wrong Turns”

Lee Vining, California

December 18, 2022

I have a handful of metaphors and sayings that are important to me, "wash the dishes" being the most important one.

Recently I blurted out "no wrong turns" and I quickly realized that captures a new part of me. Not that I don't make wrong turns; Google Maps reminds me of that constantly. What "no wrong turns" means to me is that I feel that no turns I take are wrong. Some of my most inspiring days on my wanderabout have been when I took a turn I wasn't planning on.

The metaphor "no wrong turns" also has given me the freedom to make mistakes, to make wrong turns, to choose a different route than I had planned. It's fundamental to why I now call what I'm doing a wanderabout.

Here he goes again on that crazy stuff. Just wanted to document these thoughts.

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