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Not Sure What The Title Of This Post Should Be


July 7, 2024

When my mom passed away in 1998, I found this clipping in a frame in her house. Recently I have been going through a box of loose photos and clippings in my basement and found this clipping again. As I read it this week, several aspects hit me hard. My mom was alone after my father died in 1976. As I can relate, being alone takes (perhaps I should say “can take?”) a pretty good toll on oneself. I was not aware that she felt alone, but she must have if she clipped and framed this article.

I did a small gasp when I read “And I am still the romantic teenager … but whom should I tell.” Perhaps it is just me but my intuitive belief is that my thoughts and feelings are unique. Of course they are not. But it is still too often startling to me when I realize that what I think are deeply personal feelings and thoughts are shared by others. Especially a parent.

When alone we dance. Sometimes it is hard to. But sometimes, those songs from our past transport back to younger days and we feel light on our feet. Feel, not are!

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