November 16, 2020

Page, Arizona

November 16, 2020

Tired. I've been treating my walkabout like a vacation, trying to fit everything in. I realize I've been pretty much on the go seven days a week for the past two months. Today I am sitting inside my hotel room (they lowered the rate to $44/night) catching up on my blog posts, reading and sleeping. My mind tells me I'm being a slug, but my body is telling me I made the right call. Only place I need to be is Boulder on December 1st. Between now and then I hope to hit the North Rim (was closed but reopened), Cottonwood Road back in Utah and Monument Valley (also in Utah). I learned from the fellow from Houston yesterday that everything in Monument Valley is closed except the road through. I did not realize it is in the Navajo Nation which has been terribly hard hit by Covid.

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