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November 5, 2022 -- Liberal, Kansas To Chickasha, Oklahoma Through The Two Panhandles

Chickasha, Oklahoma

November 6, 2022

This drive was cool -- I had thought I would never be in the Oklahoma Panhandle (and I was for the 34 miles of width of it) and I got to see a part of Texas I had not seen yet. The Oklahoma Panhandle is flat farmland. The Texas Panhandle was more rugged rolling terrain for the most part. Emptiness -- just vast tracks of land and a house every now and then. You can see from the map that from Liberal to Wheeler and actually beyond there are few communities. Canadian stood out for me because it has a lot of cottonwood trees -- it was almost like an oasis. For a remote town of 1,500 people it was a vibrant community with a golf course, brick streets and several restaurants that looked busy. I gathered that the combination of oil and crops are important to the economy.

I drove more than I like to in a day but I needed to be in Chickasha for the lighting of the new leg lamp. Not only was it a longer drive but there was less to see than usual.

That is snow in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

I was curious about which is the bigger eyesore -- a wind turbine or a pumphorss and its collection system. Those that are no longer in use seem to be just left out to rust away.

Funny, I knew the moment I was in Texas. May have been the flags, may have been the speed limit. Or the patriot sign.

Canadian, Texas.

Not much out here -- back into Oklahoma. I was in Coldwater the day before; this day I was in Sweetwater. I wonder if there is a town named Hotwater? I think the answer is there is beach in New Zealand named Hot Water Beach.

These horses just stood there while I took their photo.

Dill City. The school is closed. The rest of the town is on its way.

Cordell, Oklahoma. Impressive courthouse. You can see it for a couple of miles before arriving in town; seems like it was put right in the middle of the highway. In one of these photos, there is a nutrition business next door to a doughnut/donut shop.

Odd thing is I don't think they grow corn in this area.

Farm art.

Over the past three weeks I keep running into or driving on US 60, US 62, US 64 and the old US 64. This part of US 62 took me into Chickasha.

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