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I have recently been listening and reading about our economy and politics since 2000. There are some events I remember (e.g., subprime mortgage fiasco) but more that I don't recall the details of (e.g., Bush -Gore, the government response to subprime mortgage, the Tea Party movement, when the Dow crossed 30,000.)

I'm wise enough (or deluded enough) to know it's not some kind of mental deficiency I have. I assume my lack of detail memory of those events is that I have filled my mind with other data.

Assuming I am not the only one has this issue, it doesn't bode well for not repeating the mistakes of the past. History is a wonderful teacher but unless you learn the lessons, it doesn't do me much good.

More of a note to myself here to figure out a way to avoid repeating past mistakes

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14 ene 2023

Don't spend more than you take in.....

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