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On The Beach


May 2, 2022

I am sitting on the beach at 1230 pm. It’s a beautiful day — sunny, 80 degrees, water temperature is 70 degrees setting up a cooling breeze.

That's how I started a post yesterday, but I got distracted and did not get back to it until now.

As I lounged in my chair, I watched dozens of people go by -- walking, jogging or riding a bike. And I caught myself leaping to conclusions about each one based solely on their looks. When I caught myself finally, I was embarrassed and how I had allowed myself to fall into the trap of thinking I could "know" someone by how they look (and what kind of dog they have 🤪). Having just read the Korn Ferry piece, I thought about my myopic.

Back to the drawing board for me -- I haven't become the person I want to be. I was reminded of this inspirational message:

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