Somewhere between Blachly and Eugene on State Route 36

June 26, 2021

Oregon may be greenest place I have ever seen. They should change the name to Oregreen! The sky is also so darn blue - as blue as Colorado? If so, what about the difference in elevation?

It is also at this point in Blachy the hottest place I have been since last summer! 87 degrees on Sequoia thermometer. Everyone here is melting. — red checks and all. A bit of a summer jamboree going on. And a great old post office. And Shasta cola? I haven’t had one since I was a kid.

The post mistress saw me taking photos of her post office and gave me a tour of the back room -- literally!

I felt good paying $20 for an $8 burger and a Shasta; $40 for a $15 chair massage and $20 for $10 of leather key chains. I could tell the folks appreciate the extra. It’s tough in rural communities. These folks have pride in their community. It felt good to share in their community activity. 😁

It is clear by now that I have a thing for old post offices and benches. 🤪

One more thing - the hamburger came with catchup snd mayo on he bun; mustard was optional. I would have thought the mayo would be optional nit the mustard.

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