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Outside Of Ridgway, Colorado Off Of US 550

Ridgway, Colorado

October 10, 2020

I decided to stay put today. I did head into Montrose early this morning to top of the gas tank and get some supplies at Target. The diesel prices are less than regular unleaded which strikes me as unusual. But perhaps I am not as observant as I think I am. 🤪

The Target was huge - or perhaps I just haven’t been in one in a while. So many options for clothes washing detergent. I grabbed some Tide pods and headed back to the state park to do some laundry.

Turns out I have been spelling the park’s name incorrectly - it’s Ridgway. No “e.” I guess someone didn’t want to buy a vowel.

As I did my laundry, I cleaned out the Sequoia. Put my folding chair up so I could sort through my stuff. I went in back the laundry to put my stuff in the dryer and when I came back I found a guy trying to steal my chair. He made some excuse like “I thought someone left it.” I didn’t bother to get upset. What good would it have done. 🤨

The dryer did not work well so I brought my wet laundry to my campsite. Amazing what warm, dry air will do! Clothes were dry in less than an hour.

I wrote too early about not heading out today. I just got back from a tour of the Ridgway (town) and the NFS access road near it. I remember driving through Ridgway in March and thinking it was a nice small town. Today’ verdict - small town, not sure how nice.

As I walked back to my campsite this evening a gentleman commented on my camera - it does look more professional than me. He used to be a professional photographer, mostly medium and large format — think Ansel Adams. He said I need to go to Ourway (apparently pronounced “your-way“) and Telluride. Ourway is called the Alps of Colorado. He also suggested Rifle State Park for when I head back north. He added that Black Canyon of The Gunnison is his favorite park in Colorado.

Continuing to be a wealth of information, he said one of the best fly fishing shops anywhere is in Montrose.

The park where I am is a fly fishing mecca. It is fun to watch folks - men and women - open the backs of their trucks and begin the ritual of preparing to fish. Even before they get to the water they are having a Zen experience.

Random thoughts:

I am surprised by the temperatures here. Upper 70s during the day, upper 30s at night. I was a little cold last night but it felt good. I do miss my fan at night.

Sky here is some kinda blue.

There is such a relaxed vibe here - being the western slop of the Rockies.

Where are all the whites? Kidding - that’s all I see.

Talked with a fellow today who moved here (Grand Junction) 23 years from Swainsboro, Georgia. He hasn’t lost his accent. Been back to Georgia twice since. Said I was a long way from home; I said I’m not sure I am.

Enjoy the photos - I needed my big boy cameras to take these.

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I want to order prints of these photos!


Oct 11, 2020

As you said, there isn’t much to Ridgway the town. Several years ago though we had a very tasty chicken fried steak at the True Grit Cafe in downtown Ridgway. As I recall some of the True Grit movie was filmed in the area.

I believe there is hot spring in Ouray near a campground. US 550 from Ouray to Silverton is incredible — the million dollar highway. I agree with the recommendation to go to Telluride, easy day trip From Ridgway Black Canyon of the Gunnison is terrific. Definitely take the road to the bottom as well as taking in the rim viewpoints. Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction is an easy day trip north of Montrose.


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