Pagosa Springs, Colorado To Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Canon City, Colorado

October 20, 2020

I'm playing catchup here with my posts. I made this drive on Sunday, October 18. It was another example of me calling an audible. When I left Pagosa Springs, my destination was Gunnison. But somewhere along US 160, I saw that there was a national park "just east" of where I was driving - so I took the turn and don't regret taking it. BTW, "just east" out here in the West can mean two hours off course. Colorado is a big state with lots of open space.

It was a beautiful drive - first rolling, then in the mountains and then in the flat. I started off at around 7,000 feet went to something over 10,000 feet and then back to in the 7,000 feet range.

Enjoy the video/photos: (I swear I'm trying to include a smaller number of photos.)

Still some color in the trees.

I do love these types of shots.

I was drawn to this shot by the colors and the lines created by the fences.

I'm still stunned by how dramatically the Rockies rise up.

I've become a big fan of wide-angle shots.

First ORV/ATV sign I have seen.

I was too early for dinner.

It's like this rock formation was put there to foreshadow coming attractions.

I got involved in a stare down with some cows. I lost when I mooved my eyes.

Not just a drive-in; a two screen drive-in!

I turned off US 285 onto I think it was County Road 5. It was a straight, flat road for something like 20 miles. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is remote!


I've been in Colorado for three weeks and I am still blown away by these huge plains above 8,000 feet. And the sky.

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