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Paris -- Day 1

Wednesday (Day 1) at 1600

915 am arrived in Paris.  While Customs was crowded, the line moved along efficiently and we were through in 15 minutes.  CDG is a large airport and there was a lot of walking after we got our bags.  I noticed Delta flights from Salt Lake City, Detroit and Cincinnati arrived at the same time as our fight.

Courtney did a masterful job of figuring out how to get train tickets and got us on the train to the Luxembourg stop in Paris.  Train ride was maybe 45 minutes.  The train stations here are immaculate — certainly compared to NYC.

Our train stop was near a beautiful park and a three-minute walk to our Airbnb.  Beautiful neighborhood with lovely buildings and inviting restaurants and shops.  Alissa and Lucian who were coming from Amsterdam met us about 20 minutes after we got here.

A bit dehydrated from the travel which is throwing off my digestive system.  I’ll work on rehydrating tonight when I have easy access to the loo (as they say in England).

Courtney and I broke down after we walked around and grabbed 90 minute naps.  A jet lag no no but I only got two hours of sleep on the plane and Courtney got less.  After Alissa and Lucian return from their brief walkabout, we’ll make plans for dinner and heading to the Eiffel Tower for a nighttime visit.

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