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Paris Hill, Maine

Portland, Maine

April 15, 2022

A truly beautiful area. A sense of peace come over me as I walked around. I am glad I came back to take photos on a sunny day.

The Paris Hill Country Club is a nine-hole, par 33 course. Today was its opening day and a handful of diehards were out battling the mud. Four years ago I was too hesitant to walk into the pro shop. Today I barged right in a struck up a conversation with the fellow behind the counter. The course was founded in 1899 at a different location ("over in the apple orchard next door -- six hole course. Moved over here in 1906 or thereabouts. Anybody who was around then is dead so we're not sure of the date."). It was $17 to play all I wanted to play but I opted out due to the saturated ground. The fellow added, "If you don't play today, we won't be open again until probably Wednesday. Supposed to get 1/2 inch of rain tomorrow and more rain Sunday through Tuesday." Springtime in Maine, I guess.

I did pick up an old fashion tri-fold golf towel with the club's logo on it. No, no Eiffel Tower.

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