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Paris, Missouri

Paris, Missouri

August 20, 2021

Dear Coach Nicole and Coach Bruce-

I wish I were better with words at a time like this. I can’t possibly explain how this envelope made me feel. My heart grew, my pulse slowed, my soul … my soul got a warm feeling. And my brain got a huge dose of dopamine. 🤪

Brene Brown helped me when I thought I would never recover from my cardiac arrest. Coach Bennett’s pillars have inspired me to become a better person each day. And that photo made me cry because I realize the person wearing that Red Sox jersey and that silly bandana is the kid inside of me that I hid away when I thought to grow up meant being serious and doing the shoulds.

What an amazing gift on a day when I needed one. You both are so awesome. Thank you^gazillion! You make the world a better place. 🧡

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