Paris, Ohio

I just topped 1,000 miles of driving and landed in Paris, Ohio. My shorts belie the temperature of 43 degrees. There is not much to Paris - no downtown, no shopping area. Just a few houses and a post office. Asked the postmaster if she knew the history of Paris; I struck out with that question. It’s a rural area with lots of rolling farm land. Your classic apple orchid outside of town with apples and pumpkins. I suspect they also have those apple cider doughnuts, but I was good and did not get any.

Thank you Nicole and everyone at First Tee for my Paris envelopes; one for each Paris. I can’t wait to open this one and see what’s inside!

I discovered yesterday that Ohio also has a New Paris on the other side of the state (western border). For completeness, I’ve added it to my list - I’ll hit it later when I’m heading back east.

One week in and this trip is everything I hoped it would be - and more. Tonight should be interesting with temperatures in the mid 30s.

I apologize for not posting about my first Paris - the one in Virginia. I’ll post about it before I get to

my next Paris (Kentucky) in a few days.



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