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Peyton Manning Takes BP

Custer, South Dakota

November 19, 2022

I'm not sure how Peyton Msnning pulls off the "everyman." He was a stud at Tennessee, one of the best ever in the NFL, belongs to Augusta National and is married to a Wahoo. In spite of all that, I relate to the guy. Maybe it's his accent. Maybe his sense of humor. Or how he is self effacing.

I met him in the gym at the Ritz Carlton at Laguana Beach. Lucian, Courtney and I were there for my niece's wedding. He was moving lots of weights around -- somehow I had the courage to go up to him (I may have had on a UVa t shirt which I thought might be an in) and ask him to meet Lucian. He was very polite and said after he finished his workout.

In the meantime, Courtney needed my help elsewhere so I left Lucian in the gym figuring I'd be back quickly. While I was gone, Peyton finished up and went over to Lucian and said, "What happened? Your dad ditch you?" He shook Lucian's hand and was gone.

No way he had to do that. The fact that he knew Lucian was my son blows my mind to this day. Class act. He'll always be a favorite of mine.

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