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Photos of Sisters

Sisters, Oregon

June 28, 2021

Yesterday afternoon the sidewalks of Sisters were crawling with visitors. I came back early this morning and took advantage of the wonderful

mornjng light.

Neat town.

New term for me - “sno-park.”

These signs are everywhere. I’ve been trying to sort through what this demand for service workers means. Employers are bumping up wages to attract new hires. That going to put pressure on them to bump up wages of existing employees. This situation is happening at the lower end of the wage spectrum which in general I think should be a good thing. It is resolving what the $15 per hour minimum wage was supposed to address — allowing people to earn a living wage. Think about it at $20 per hour, that’s an annual income of $40,000 per tax. I don’t think I could live on that.

Back to my point. Where I have come out so far is that because this wage increase is isolated, I don’t see it pushing up inflation.

Not every town has one of these!

Red building. How unusual. 🤪

I thought the colors in this photo were great.

As I drove into Redmond this morning at around 7:30 am, there were some photo ops.

The sisters.

I am still behind on my posts. I hope I can catch up in the next few days!

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