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Pine Creek

Montrose, Colorado (a return trip)

October 23, 2020

This morning I started out in Gunnison with every intent of driving to Leadville and then on to Boulder. In fact, I drove 30 miles east of Route 50. Then I turned around and drove Route 50 90 miles to Montrose. I needed to drive this leg to (almost) have driven Route 50 from Virginia to here. I’m missing the 30 odd miles from Pueblo to Canon City.

It was a beautiful drive which I’ll cover in another post. This post is about a stop and three mile hike I took. Enjoy the photos.

A couple of notes. The river is the Gunnison just downstream of a reservoir and before it enters Black Canyon National Park. The path is part of the old railway for the Denver & Rio Grande narrow-gauge railroad.

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