September 6, 2020


A beautiful morning in Purcellville so I want for a walk.

Purcellville is at the end of (I think) the W&OD bike trail which starts in Arlington/Alexandria. It is an old railroad track that has been paved. It is very popular - which you can tell by the number of cyclists in town this morning.

Including Tom’s house, there are some beautiful old homes in town.

I love the angles of this house. The house next door appears to be its mirror image. 😁

Stately. I could live on the front porch.

I just noticed the UFO in this photo. Even the aliens are freaking out over Tom’s Journey. (I’m going with the capitalized J - seems appropriate.). This house is not in the best shape but I love that it is pink. In my hometown there were several large pink homes.

Big tree. Not sure about the lavender front door. I like lavender but with yellow? Easter Bunny lives here maybe?


I love this stone house. It looks like it was a tight fit to get it in there. I suspect given its width that the inside layout might be a bit unusual - in either a good or an interesting way.

Tom’s Virginia home.

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