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June 30, 2021

This are has an unbelievable number of campgrounds. And all the pay ones are full!

Bend has thing for traffic circles.

Deschutes National Forest. Awesome. The river runs through it. I have never seen so many paddle boards. So many people are doing it I am tempted to try — but I have no room for a board in/on Hi Ho Silver.

At 630 pm on June 29 it is 102 degrees. The humidity is 9 percent. NINE! That explains why the sky is so blue.

Fireworks are banned until July 9. Bad news for all the firework stands that have set up around town. Smokey says the fire. I fit ions are “extreme.” I saw a helicopter practicing picking up water this afternoon. Surprising that ball of water can make a difference.

I don’t stand out in the Sequoia. There are a number of my vintage on the road here.

The soil here is fine which means it is easy to kick up a dust storm.

Hotel rooms here for the Zvourtyard by Marriott type rooms are over $300 per night. Now that’s inflation. I think back to Kanab, Utah where I paid $55 per night for a suite ATVs Comfort Inn.

Cashier at convenience store this morning called Dr Pepper “BBQ sauce” since he says so many southerners drink it.

Having a town named Madras and not having anything madras is like naming a town Golf and not having any golf courses.

Been too long since a bath. I feel gritty, not pretty.

I visited Whole Foods today and procured two pieces of grilled salmon. Thanks Whole Foods.

Another SUV is a paddle board on top just drove by.

Boondocking. I surprise myself.

Bend is home of Deschutes Brewing.

I’m stuck at 32 push-ups. It’s my pecs — or the location you should have pecs — is the weak link. “You are the missing link.”

I put in new windshield wipers today. Once again an aggravating experience. There must be a better design than the hook.

I wonder how much gasoline I burn idling the truck for 15 minutes to run the air conditioner. Probably more than I care to know.

I’ll be back in Cville in 60 days for my daughter’s wedding. I laughed today when how much I want to see in the next sixty days.

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Jul 02, 2021

My rental car will not be equipped like Hi Ho Silver -- I'll sleep in it only every other night.....

Jul 02, 2021

Great rates. You can also boondock in Deschutes National Forest easily.


Jul 01, 2021

I got a room at the Crescent Moon Hotel in Crescent (47.4 miles south of Bend) for $70-some for next Thursday night, and one in Lowman, ID for next Tuesday for also $70-some.....

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