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Gallup, New Mexico

February 5, 2024

It seems to me that South Carolina has a disproportionate number of politicians who are the national news -- Graham, Scott, Gowdy, Mace, the guy who called for Marshall law, the Democrat who helped Biden win the SC primary in 2020.

But. I see this word too often in the newspaper and I hear it too often on radio news. Today's usage is as a conjunction to transition from something good to something off putting. Here's the good news, but here is the bad news. I first recognized this usage with Sam Donaldson of ABCNees back in the 1990s. Pisses me off. Pet piece obviously!

It's 345 am in Gallup. 27 degrees outside. Not much warmer in Hi Ho Silver. Running the engine to warm up in the hope I can get a few more hours of sleep.

My diet so far on this leg since leaving LA has sucked. It's hard to eat healthy on the road but I seem to be using that as an excuse to binge on sugar. Hopefully I can do better today.

I pray (which I don't often do) that the government cans find a path forward on immigration. I look forward to understanding more of what is in the Lankford bill to compare it to HR 2.. I also pray that politicians will put country ahead of party. I fear I'll be praying for a long, long time.

Love this tune. Must be the horns!

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