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Richmond Hill, Georgia To Savannah To Bluffton, South Carolina

Comfort Inn

Bluffton, South Carolina

February 26, 2022

Blowing my hotel budget this month! Decided I needed a TV to watch Senior Day at UVa (basketball).

Not a long drive today. I was in downtown Savannah by 9 am -- before the crowd showed up. I ended up walking around for almost five hours -- much more walking than I have done in the past few months due to plantar fasciitis and a painful piriformis. My piriformis is rather painful now as I sit in my hotel -- I'll be on the floor soon stretching it out.

Old Savannah reminds me of Charleston, Old Town Alexandria and Boston. I guess that makes sense as they were established around the same time. It is really lovely with a number of squares with big old oak trees. It certainly is a tourist area -- I like to think I look less touristy (dressed nicely and not wearing cargo shorts with a baggy t shirt) than most the folks I saw. (Snobby comment but somehow we've come to accept that we can dress all the time like we are going to do yard work.)

I opted for a slideshow this time. Music by Billy Currington who was born in Savannah. Look for the Coffee Fox, the Fox & Fig, the Paris Market, and the gold dome on the city hall.

Tonight I am staying in the hotel where Lucian stayed when his high school baseball team came down here for spring break. Fun memory.

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28. Feb. 2022

If you have not watched "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" you should.....

Gefällt mir
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