Rocky Mountain National Park - My Hike In The Bear Lake Area

Boulder, Colorado

December 17, 2020

Documenting my hike to Nymph Lake and then almost to Dream Lake. By the time I got to this trailhead, it was snowing pretty hard. But there were at least 40 cars in the parking lot which told me it was no time to put my tail between my legs. Hell, I am in Colorado, not Virginia! I'll add here that it is true the snow out here is different. The flakes are very fine and the snow really is powdery.

A group of cross country skiers were taking a break under the cover.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Honestly I could have stood here for an hour. Drop-dead gorgeous.

Nymph Lake.

It was only 0.5 miles to Nymph Lake but it felt like more. I was beginning to worry about how much it was snowing so I turned to go back to my truck. I met a group of snowshoers on the way down and they encouraged me to not stop but turn around and go to Dream Lake -- roughly 0.5 miles past Nymph Lake. I needed the steps so I took the bait.

Charlies Brown tree.

I met several groups coming down the trail who said the snow had covered the trail and they could not find their way to Dream Lake. Given that I was by myself, I decided the risk of getting lost (it was 1 hour to sunset) was not worth it. I looked my GPS -- this is how close I was -- a strong 6 iron. Bummer.

As I drove away....

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