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Seaside, Oregon To Bruceport County Campground, Washington

Bruceport County Campground

Bruceport, Washington

July 23, 2021

I continue to see cyclists on US 101 making long distance rides. I am surprised by how many of them appear to solo cyclist ad how many seem to be 40 + year old mean.

US 101 should be named the “”RV Highway”

When I am typing on my phone I keep hitting s instead of a and g instead of h.

The first 50 miles on US 101 in Washington have been beautiful. Lots of water on the left and big green trees on the right. Sparesely developed,

The peninsula when you first get into Washington is lovely — ocean on the left, bay on the right. Many of the houses look simple and older. You can see that new money is coming in and building bigger beautiful houses. Most houses were well off the beach from what I could. Long Beach is a tourist town and then the other towns along the ocean side are smaller and not as touristy. A number of the smaller houses had RVs beside them which suggests to me that those homes are for the summer and folks go elsewhere when the weather turns.

Oysterville was quite charming. I talked to a woman I would guess in her 89s who moved there 12 years ago. She is running a two week science camp. I met a younger fellow helping her who had sold his company to eBay and moved to Oysterville. I had one of those unfulfilling conversations with the woman. Like she’d had enough with me and I was dismissed. Fascinating. Perhaps I didn’t meet her expectations for being well heeled? Or my use of the term entropy made her think I was showing off (I used it in the context of the “chaos” the children were creating).

Yeah, I still want to be liked.

The Columbia River

The Goonies was filmed in Astoria.

The end or the beginning?

Made it over with moderate stress.

Another state

Hmmm. A dispute?

Cape Disappointment

The peninsula is called Long Beach Peninsula and all the streets are numbered. This is the last one.

Can’t say I expected to find a village as pretty as Oysterville out here. Shows what love and money can do.

The Oysterville Oystery was beautiful I didn’t take a chance and have any oysters.

Then it was time to go back south. I really like how this photo turned out. And no, I did not ask permission.

Fairly flat along the US 101.

I should note that the water here is not the ocean — it is the Willapa Bay.

At my campsite. The hostess gave me a site with a bay view!