Sedona In The Afternoon And Sunset/My Typical Day

Sedona, Arizona

January 16, 2021

I'm a fan of late afternoon sunlight so my adventures around Sedona started a bit after 3 pm yesterday. First I drove along the Red Rock Scenic Byway and afterward I headed to Airport Mesa for sunset. I was blessed with one of those truly blue sky days where any photo you take is going to be awesome.

I sat down this morning determined to pick the 10 best photos and only post them to save you from watching another slideshow. Starting with a universe of approximately 250 photos. I was successful reducing the number to approximately 120. Only 110 photos off from my goal. 🤪. Another slideshow. Roughly the first half is from the Red Rock Byway; the second half is sunset. I think you'll be able to see what a difference the light made in the photos.

My kids asked that I provide some new information. Some of it is more summary in nature and I will work on that. Courtney asked about my typical day. In case you are interested:

Up by 7 am. Oatmeal in the microwave for breakfast - brown sugar and blueberries. Check the news (NYT, WSJ, Fox, NPR, Epoch Times, Vox, Apple News and Google News). Prepares some blog posts/journal. Meditate for 10-30 minutes. Floor exercises -- yoga on MWF and Sunday. Clean up/organize my studio and get ready to go outisde. Early lunch of a salad or such. Sneak a Dr. Pepper. Perhaps an hour or two of exploring by truck. Get camera gear ready for afternoon shooting. Two to four hours of taking photos and walking.hiking. Dinner around 5 pm (probably leftover lunch). Chill, feel guilty about my sugar intake, watch a movie, read, miss something or someone, stretch, fall asleep to an audiobook, podcast or BBC World News Service. Wake up between 2 am and 3 am, turn on white noise app. Fall back asleep. Regret not using CPAP.

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