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Sedona Sunset

Sedona, Arizona

February 4, 2021

About an hour before sunset I headed to my "sunset stop" on Route 89A toward Cottonwood. Clouds had rolled in and I thought there might be a good sunset. When I got to my spot, I saw a cloudy sky. Bummer. I had nothing else to do so I parked and read the news and then talked with Lucian. I told him that it looked like sunset was going to be a bust.

But like they say, never leave a baseball game early. I stuck around -- while many others left -- as was rewarded with perhaps the reddest sunset I have ever seen. I broke out three cameras and five different lenses trying to capture the sky. These are my best of the bunch. Sorry, but they are not necessarily in the correct order from a time-sequence perspective.

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04. Feb. 2021


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