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Sedona Sunset -- By Accident

Sedona, Arizona

January 27, 2021

I caught a lucky break tonight. I was driving back to my Airbnb from taking photos on the sunset at my favorite place on Upper Red Rock Loop. As I approached Arizona 89A, I noticed a lot of color on the horizon to my left. (My :"favorite place" does not have a view of the western horizon). I quickly changed lanes and went straight across 89A hoping I could find a spot to take some photos. In about 400 yards, I joined several dozen cars that were parked -- a wonderful view of the western horizon. I quickly changed lens and started snapping away. I don't recall ever seeing a contrail turned orange by the setting sun.

Short video - about two minutes. Mighty, mighty Tams provide the audio. Starts off with a photo of the almost full moon (it will be full tomorrow night). I am getting better at taking photos of the moon -- but it would have been nice to have my tripod with me. 🤔

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