Sedona, Arizona

January 30, 2021

As I have reflected on the themes that I can draw from my posts, one has hit me like the proverbial 2x4. That theme is “serious.”

Initially that surprised me, but then I realized it is not surprising at all - being serious has been my modus operandi for decades. I learned as a little kid that if people perceived me as serious, I could never get in as much trouble as the class clown because being serious meant I was trying hard. Serious got me good grades. Serious kept me out of trouble and got me pats on the head. I attributed my success in my career to my seriousness. Seriousness was always there for me. So I thought.

One of my more favorite expressions is “I have been acting like an arse for so long I’m beginning to look like one.” A corollary of that seems appropriate here - if you act serious for too long you are going to etch a serious expression on your face.

And that is what I see when I look in the mirror most of the time — a serious person. Not someone who’s been literally been given a second chance to live, who is basically been extra time to enJOY life. But when I search my soul, there is this person who loves to laugh, to have fun and TO NOT TAKE THINGS SO SERIOUSLY.

Time for me to go to Wally World!

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