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Settled In Sedona For A Month

Sedona, Arizona

January 7, 2021

First full day at my Airbnb in Sedona. Cozy little studio apartment within walking distance of the middle of Sedona. It is located it what seems to be a quiet neighborhood.

As you might know, Arizona is a crimson state on the Covid map. Part of that is driven by the uncontrolled outbreak on the Navajo Nation. But I’ll admit that I was more comfortable in Colorado. I only go to the grocery store twice a week and other than that I don’t plan to be around people. I’ll get carryout every now and then; we seem to have pretty much perfected that system nationwide.

As I drove into town on State Route 89A yesterday, it lookEd like there are countless hiking options. The weather forecast is sunny skies with highs in the low 60s, lows in the 30s. I think I’m about 90 miles from the South Rim of The Grand Canyon; I expect I’ll make that trip while I am here.

As always, I did no research about Sedona before arriving. I’m slowly adapting to my ad hoc approach; I like that I am not over planning. Given I’m here for a month, I expect I will be able to enjoy the highlights.

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Jan 08, 2021

Lol. Actually yes. It’s a bit smaller than I had expected. There are some seats outside. Kind of like Vegas - the intent is not to spend much time in it! 🤪


Jan 08, 2021

Are the two stools and the bed the only place to sit?

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