SFO To Vallego

Courtyard By Marriott

Vallego, California

May 14, 2021

Yesterday was moving day. I finished packing up Hi Ho Silver and hit the road to head north with no particular plans. I've been at this long enough to know that the first couple of weeks back on the road are not easy and I need to allow myself time to settle in. After visiting Burlingame and scoring a t shirt (like I needed another one) I followed my Google Maps directions to the Golden Gate Bridge. (BTW, I got the impression that Burlingame is an affluent area from its downtown shops which include Vineyard Vines.). I'm pretty sure Goolge Maps took me on the scenic tour as I ended up by the coast. I drove by the Olympic Club (home of a US Open in the 1990s?) and Harding Park, home of the 2020 PGA Championship. Harding Park is a public course so I took the opportunity to hit some putts on its putting green. Furry. And boy was it chilly.

From there I headed to the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center where I took some photos of the bridge, the bay and Alcatrez. It was a pea soup of a day. I debated walking across the bridge; I decided if I were going to do that, I would do it on a clear day. I drove across the bridge and ducked into the scenic view area to check out the --- scenic view. Great view of downtown SF, the Bay and the Bridge -- but the pea soup did not lift. I gave it three hours to do so! It must be quite a view on a sunny day. BTW, I am told that you can park overnight in this area -- I was tempted to do so but decided to head toward Napa to see its Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately it was almost 4 pm when I got back on the road and thanks to awful traffic it took me almost three hours to go 45 miles to Vallego. I stayed the night at a Courtyard By Marriott across the street from Six Flags. This area must be crazy in the summertime.

Some of my photos from yesterday. I'm afraid none really standout due to the poor lighting.

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