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May 6, 2022

This building is the old Aiken library — now a museum for the Savannah River Plant/Site. Lots of photos and curios from before the plant was built and a well done history of the plant.

I met the docent and told him I had worked as an intern at the plant in the late 70s and that my dad had worked there. I said his name was Luke Fox.

The docent turned white. He said he had worked with him when he was an the Advisory Committee on Safeguards. He had been responsible for Dad’s contract with the NRC.

He remembered that he had passed away on a plane going to DC to an ACRS meeting. Then he added that Dad was a very senior person at the plant and was highly respected by all. And that he was a gentleman.

I am shaking because that’s a lot to process. Forty six years doesn’t feel like that long ago right now.

I have always try to backfill the missing part of me that didn’t get to really know him. I guess that hole will always be a bit empty.

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