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Shelter Cove, California -- June 4, 2021

Miranda, California

June 5, 2021

I am almost caught up on my posts! Yesterday I did not drive Hi Ho Silver at all -- I still had buttosis from driving so much on Thursday. I did my general organizing of the truck, walked the airstrip, rode my bike, did some pushups and planks but no wandering. It was another beautiful day.

From the morning:

Shelter Cove.

Jack, the owner of the campground. Many generations of his family are from the area.

Aerial view (not by me) of Shelter Cove.

This was a map drawn by Boise Cascade. Its idea was to sell all these lots -- all 1,500 of them. The airstrip was a means to bring in prospective buyers. There might be 100 houses in this area now. You can buy an ocean front lot for $150,000.

I keep seeing these phone booths and looking around for Bill and Ted. Oh, and Rufus. Be excellent to each other.

From bulletin board at golf course. There are some high handicaps! Apparently I failed to take a photo of the area around the first tee. They have a credit card machine for you to pay your greens fee of $15 for 9 holes. Honor system.

Later in the day.

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