Guerneville, California

May 24, 2021

Yikes! It has been awhile since I experienced Smonday. Yesterday the campground started thinning out by mid morning and by mid afternoon it was down to 20 percent capacity. That haunting feeling of old that the weekend is over and it time to get ready to go to work came over me (which I must admit is better than over came me).

I thought of how I never mastered the work-life balance. Mondays were often a shock. The best advice I ever read about the issue was to define the problem as seeing work and life as two separate worlds in need of being balanced. The suggested solution was to retrain yourself to see work as part of life, just as playtime is part of life. I never bought into that solution — or perhaps I just didn’t succeed.

I admire my kids for how they approach their lives. When they work, they are focused. And they know their boundaries and will put work aside when it’s time to exercise, be with friends or just chill. That is the winning approach.

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