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“So Much To Say”

Another song title for a blog heading, Lucian? What can I say? (You caught that reference to Boz Scaggs, right?)

In case the blog heading got you in the mood for some Dave Matthews, here’s the link to the video:

After leaving Selma yesterday, I had a fun drive to Pensacola, Florida. Southern Alabama is quite rural; several times I went fifteen minutes without seeing another car. There were no gas stations, quick stops - just houses here and there with a few “villages.” Cotton farms and logging seem to be the industries. Oh, and churches. Yes, they do have a lot of churches in Alabama. Not the big ones you see if suburban Southern cities. Just small one - mostly Baptist.

Simple things make me smile, and I smiled a lot during my drive at some of the towns I came across - Pine Apple (yes, two words), Burnt Corn and my favorite, Bermuda. Don’t believe me?

And then I entered Florida and was barraged by billboards and people! And convenience stores on each corner. It was quite a shock after spending four hours driving through Alabama.

I got a good laugh when my GPS told me to turn onto “US 29 South” for the final 30 miles into Pensacola. I almost celebrated with a sign shot but thought better if it for a myriad of reasons. 🤪

Unfortunately my drive south did not result in finding warmer temperatures. It’s 26 degrees in Pensacola this morning so I am sharing the cold with you. But I did find Don Sutton’s hometown “so I’ve got that going for me.” 😁

Today I start the Coursera course entitled “The Science of Well Being.” I’ve taken the course before, but I figure a recharge will be good. I’ll take good notes and share the highlights with you in a future post.

I hope these posts make you laugh or at least smile. I am so grateful to have you as friends and to have the opportunity to make this walkabout. It is not lost on me how lucky I am to have both of those - just one would be awesome. Both, awesomer!!

Anchors up! And jump right in!

One more item. While I haven’t explored Pensacola much yet, I have discovered they have a AA baseball team here. And its name? The Pensacola Blue Wahoos! I kid you not:

Gosh, is that another excuse to buy a ball cap??

And finally, under “Alabama,” I meant to post this photo:

When you see a cotton plants, you understand what an incredible invention Eli Whitney made in the cotton gin (which I just learned in short for “engine.” Who thought we needed a shorter word than engine??).

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