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Steamboat Lake State Park to Trappers Lake (On October 7)

Gunnison Gorge NCA

October 9, 2020

Today was a traveling day. Goal was to make it to Trappers Lake - and I made it! And what spectacular nothingness. Steamboat Lake to Steamboat Springs (jumped into the library to use their WIFI) and then westward on US 40. Passed through Hayden and came to the town of Craig. I am not sure how many people live in Craig but enough that they can support a two-bay quick oil change business. And were they quick, friendly and did not try to up sell me. High mileage oil - at 297,000+ miles now so I’m good until 302,000 miles.

I headed south from Craig on a state road — I should say I headed to the middle of nowhere. Just me, a car every now and then, some cows and horses. Rugged country. Nearly treeless with rocky mountains and patches of pasture land. Multiple signs warning you about animals from October 1 to May 1 during the evening, night and early morning hours. I stopped at a highway construction zone and asked the fellow manning the stop sign what kind of animals. Horses, cows, elk, moose, mountain lions, bears - he then told me at what mileage markers I could see some carcasses if I want. I got the information but did not stop to look.

Just short of Meeker I turned east and for the next 45 miles was overcome by the scenery. You’ll see it in my photos. I’ve missed most of the aspens in the national forest. There are miles and miles of them. Not in a clump here and a clump there. I’m talking a steady stream of them. I will definitely need to return here a couple of weeks earlier next time.

Set up camp near Trappers Lake - in a real campground. By which I mean it has an outhouse and a dumpster. Each site has a fire pit (No!) and a picnic table. When I arrived here an hour ago it was warm - the sun has dropped below the mountains and it is getting chilly. Tonight will be a two bag night in the truck. At 9700 feet!

You’ll see from some of the photos that there are a tremendous number of downed trees. Perhaps there was a forest fire here a few years ago? If I see a ranger I will ask.

This area (before the national forest)has a number of cabins for rent, many of them on the bank of stream that runs through the valley. Saw a fair number of fly fisher people. It appears that a favorite activity in the national forest is to ride your horse or your ATV. I can’t recall seeing horse trailers parked in a national forest.

The steam/river in the photos is the White River.

Colorado sure is a diverse state. The eastern half (I don’t have a map in front of me so I am guessing it’s width) is grassland. Dusty and seemingly poor. Then in the middle there is in a straight line east of the Rockies Pueblo to Colorado Springs to Denver to Boulder to Fort Collins. And then you have the part of the state that is in the Rockies. Affluence in pockets with clearly a western vibe.

Driving today I couldn’t get the emotional bank account out of my mind. It is such a fundamental concept, but one I have too often forgotten about — to the detriment of my relationships. ☹️. I need to find a waypoint remember to check my EBA balance at the end of each day and make sure I keep a large credit

balance with everyone! I’ll add that to my grateful alarm - that’s the ticket!

[Photos to come]

balance — with everyone!! I’ll add it to my grateful alarm - that’s the ticket!

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