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Step 3 -- Durango, Colorado To Sedona

Sedona, Arizona

January 8, 2021

Still catching up on my posts. This is the drive I made two days ago to get to Sedona. I took the blue highway.

There isn't much between Durango and here. Much of the drive on US 160 is through the Navajo Nation. I didn't stop to take photos (except at the closed Four Corners) while I was in that area although there were two places I wish I had. One was a road sign for "Baby Rocks" which is both a geologic formation as well as the name of a town. The second was where I could see the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau that I posted about when I was in Utah, if my memory is correct. The edge was just the vertical rock formation that continued on for many miles. I guess I have learned something as when I saw it I thought that it was the Colorado Plateau; later looking at a map I confirmed it was.

I did take some photos as I approached Sedona on US 89A.

The view from my Airbnb:

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