Brothers-lin-law, Bob (left), Ken (right) and sister Jacquie in the middle - October 2017, Mammoth, CA

Along US 70 in New Mexico

March 2, 2020

I have two fantastic brothers-in-law.  When I was a kid, they didn’t treat me like the snot I probably was, and they have been there for me throughout my adult years (hopefully I grew out of being a snot).  They have basically been big brothers to me, and I am so grateful.  Big brothers that set an incredibly high bar of success - in terms of family, work and just being really good people.

I’ve always wanted to make a good impression when I meet my kids’ friends and significant others especially  If I am with them longer than a day, I worry that I will begin to repeat the stories I have told. I joke that I only have 23 stories to call upon, but the fact is, I’m probably exaggerating.  I might have 10 decent ones and two I should just forget. So, what do the above two paragraphs have to do with each other? I’m going to pick on my brother-in-law, Ken, for a moment.  Ken is now a successful author - after being a successful teacher, lawyer and corporate executive (see what I mean about the bar?)  For those of you who don’t follow his blog (, you might want to.  Because while I might have ten stories, Ken seems to have an unlimited supply of stories, and they all are much funnier than any of mine. Bob and Ken, thanks for everything.  And Cindy and Jacquie, thanks for marrying really good guys.  And thank you all four of you for always being there for me - sorry it’s been so many times!

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